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My name is Rikke Hansen and I’m from Denmark. I live in Copenhagen in my flat at Vesterbro. I work as a lifeguard at Valby Vandkulturhus, a swimming pool with lovely collegues and loads of guests. I am also a co-owner of a vintage shop, Beware of Limbo Dancers.

I have a passion for vintage and especially the 1930’s to 1950’s era. Vintage is a great part of my life and I dress either as a 1940’s housewife or a 1950’s pinup but the reason for making this blog is not to show you all my vintage dresses and victory rolls but to share my newest and happiest passion ever. Freediving! I think about nothing else at the moment. I think about gettting in the water, training, holding my breath all the time.

I’ll be telling stories, sharing thoughts, good as bad, showing pictures and videos and much more.

I am not a pro freediver…yet…don’t know if I’ll ever be one but I sure want to work on it and share my journey from beeing a rookie to hopefully a reallife mermaid. Yeah I know, my hopes are high!

I hope you will like my posts and find both the vintage part and my freediving interesting! 

Please feel free to comment and give me feedback on whatever you feel for. 

Also follw my instagram account. Find me as strik_h


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  1. Hi There,
    I am planing to visit Dahab for my Zero to Hero freedive course πŸ™‚ and I have come to know about your respected blog “freedivingdarling” from the page of “Freediving International” I read your blog and it is awesome (Y) and inspiring too for a person like me. And congrats for getting the job as a Lifeguard at KFK Copenhagen Freediving Club ^^) probably I am bit late to congratulate ….:)

    I am so bored from my professional scubadiving πŸ™ & to be honest to you, the biggest drawbacks of scuba diving are many bubbles,restriction of the body movement,safety stops & the main problem that I faced in teaching scubadiving is teaching to maintain the buoyancy, & etc..And so I have decided to pursue my career in freediving this year in Dahab:) I have few doubts and I hope you to kindly clear my doubts like:
    * What made you to learn freedive?
    *How was your experience with this freedive school?
    * How long can you hold your breath? ))
    *Which is the best: SSI or AIDA?
    *And one thing that I couldn’t understand is that what is the connection of freediving with the lifeguard?

    My personal best is about two minutes at the depth of probably 8 to 9 metres πŸ™ But I am self motivated and I think that I can do much better in holding my breath if I get the proper training And after coming to professional freedivers like Natalia Molachnova,Linda Paganelli, & Lotta Ericsson.. Who teach in the Dahab , I have decided to visit there at the end of this year..

    I am a person who belong to the sea and have always lived closed to the sea since my childhood. Nowadays I am to my home in India and just concentrating on my yoga and swimming which has always played a major role throughout my life…))

    Happy freediving.. oh spearfishing too )) Catch a big grouper ^_^))

    May be you should make another blog for your vintage dressing ))

    Kind Regards
    Ashwin Kanwal (23)
    India (New Delhi)

    1. Hi Ashwin,

      Thank you for your kind words. Your comments means a lot to me, and I am happy that my blog inspires you πŸ™‚ As you might read from the blog, I actually just started freediving in April this year. So I’m still a rookie, but would love to freedive in a more professional manner.

      My work as a lifeguard and the freediving club have nothing to do with each other. I have actually been working as a lifeguard at a swimming poll for more than 2 years now. But when I’m at work (or before/after work), I sometimes do some dynamic training.

      So, to your questions:
      *I think that what made me freedive, is that my friend Julie was spearfishing, I got inspired from a friend in Sharm, who did the combo week with Freedive Dahab last year, and then I just love water and challenging myself. Also the freediving really appeals to me, because of all the relaxation, breathing and that beeing healthy and fit make it easier to hold your breath and stay calm.
      *My experience with the Freedive Dahab school was amazing. It’s very relaxed but professional. The instructors are very competent freedivers and teachers and they are all very friendly. Freedive Dahab has my best recommandations.
      *Well, the breath hold is really different from day to day. It depends on how my mindset is that exact day. But as you can see at the page “Personal Bests” I have held my breath for 4m36s in a dry static apnea. When I did my 100 meters DYN I held my breath 1m50s, but could probably have held it for a bit more.
      *I have only experience with SSI, so I don’t really know if one is better than the other. But I know that their courses are different…a bit like SSI and PADI.
      *I guess I already replied on this question, but an other connection is WATER! πŸ˜‰

      2 minutes at 8-9 meters is not bad, I think. Especially if you are inexperienced in the freediving, and for sure you will be able to hold your breath for longer with training. It’s all about training, relaxation and enjoying it πŸ™‚

      I definitely think you should come to Dahab and do the zero to hero program. You will enjoy it! I would have done that, if I knew about it, and was sure that freediving is what I want to do. Now I do the courses one by one πŸ™‚

      Good luck with it, and maybe I’ll see you in Dahab!

      Best regards

      PS I have plans for some vintage photoshooting, when I go back to Dahab in less than 2 weeks…more I won’t tell you now πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Rekke,
    Thanks for your kind reply. Probably it seems as if I am the person to comment on your blog πŸ™‚ .Yesterday I spoke to the Linda and I am so impressed and happy the way she treated me while chatting and the very quick reply from her in polite way. And today I received a mail from the Freedive Dahab in which they have informed me about the zero to hero programe and I am so excited to get trained by Linda Paganell as recommended to me by the “freediving Russia” . As I have heard that she and her partner Lotta Ericsson are the best instructor and world record holder as well. You have started freediving in the April and in the first week of may of this year I have come to know about this sport. Story is very funny )) One day after taking to the 2 tourists for scuba diving with me at the depth of 12 metres, we came back to the boat, but unfortunately our boat anchor stucked into the rocks at probably 8 mtrs and we had no extra air cylinders with us, Then I have just decided to jump into the water with just my mask ,fins, and 2 weights on my waist. I just went under the sea and removed the anchor from the rock and I came to the surface and asked to my dive buddy to pull and lift the anchor as soon as possible. Everybody appreciated me for this risky task, then when we came back to the dive center, my instructor shouted on me by saying that “Ash, you are a scuba diver, but not freediver”. May be I could do freedive because I have always been in contact with the yoga as India is the origin of yoga, and I am a non smoker and never touched any alcohol so far. Not even a beer.

    I asked to my instructor “Sir, what is freediver?)) he laughed at me and explained me about the freediving. And then I read a lot about freediving by the help of “Google”. and then I have come to know about the famous freedivers like Natalia Molachnova,William Trubridge,Herbert Nitsch, and of course Linda and Lotta too ))
    And then after few weeks, I have simply resigned from my job and came back to home at the end of the May month . Still I get many job offers to work in Thailand, Greece, and etc.. but I don’t reply to them..

    If I count, then I dived as a freediver probably 5 or 6 times..
    My parents are bit angry on me by saying that if I wanted to pursue my career in freediving, then Why did I waste money on the PADI scuba diving? )) & I replied by saying to them that “Mama, as you know me so well that I love to learn new things in my life and no matter if I am supposed to spend some money to gain some knowledge for myself”..

    I do have a plan that once I start working as a freedive instructor, I will travel to those countries which are landlocked like Hungary,Czech republic and many others, where I can spread the knowledge of the freediving to the common people by letting them know that we the human can easily learn this sport and we can go to the limits to know that how far we are from the limits.and to promote yoga too. So far I have understood that a normal and healthy person can easily hold his/her breath for at least 3 months easily.
    In India, the people don’t even know that there is a sport called freediving )) and till last year I was one of them ^^)). But few other Indians who are in the field of scuba diving have the knowledge of freediving. But I am going to be the first person from my country ( India) to reach 100 meters of depth in freediving .. ( President Obama said during the election campaign: Yes we can) …;)

    Wow….!! 4 minutes and 36 seconds. that is amazing )) I wish if I can break that record πŸ™‚

    You are visiting so early to Dahab ((. I don’t want to be there in these months coz someone told me that till September Egypt will be so hot and humid too and so I have decided to visit in either October or November definitely.. I was badly tanned during my job in the scuba diving by working from the morning 6 till the evening 6:( , and after coming to back to my home in New Delhi , the first thing I did was that to visit to the men’s parlour everyday to regain my fair color )) and so I want to avoid to visit before September.

    I wish if you visit to Dahab during my training in Dahab. I love doing photography too by my camera and especially of the nature and wild animals.

    I wish if I get the part time job to do the vintage photography by my camera for you in the future. But at present my first priority is to visit to the Dahab for my freediving ))

    I am following you on Instagram too.))
    Since may I have been doing my belly (Diaphragm) breathing instead of the chest breathing as I have learned this technique on the Youtube . It has been very much helpful to me but looks very strange (honestly)..

    Kind Regards
    Ashwin Kanwal : Future Of The Freediving

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