So, a long time has gone and I haven’t done any updates. When you have a blog, you are in some way obligated to update it from time to time…not from year to year! But again, it’s my blog, my decision.

For a long time, I haven’t felt the calmness and motivation for holding my breath. I have wanted to hold my breath, but as soon as I did, I gave up. My contractions came early and I didn’t have the self-control to keep going.

But I missed diving, feeling good at it, relaxing and everything that follows the breath holding, and it irritated me, that I could not just get myself to it!

Whenever I feel down, frustrated, stressed or whatever, it feels like a struggle to attend the pool training in KFK, Copenhagen Freediving Club or even just do dry static apnea.

But now I have finally gotten my motivation back. After a holiday in January and my registration to the Danish Championship in pool freediving, I got my motivation back. I made a weekly plan with my training from dry static apnea (the term couch training has a whole new meaning) to pool training with KFK, and that got me going. Quickly my breath hold improved and my contractions moved from coming after 40-50 seconds to 1:20-1:30. I began to relax a lot more during the breath holds and actually enjoyed it…and it makes it a lot more motivating when you see you are improving – I guess you only improve when you are actually training!

The last month I have done dry static apnea 3-4 times a week, and pool training I have been able to attend to once to twice a week, which is better than nothing, but if you want to do well in the water, you have to train in the water.

3 weeks ago I had a lovely breakthrough. I was training with one of my freediving friends, Steffen. He coached me in two warm-up dives and a long/max dive, and for the first time I hit 4:00 minutes in water. WOOHOOOW! It was the loveliest dive, eventhough my contractions feel like earthquakes. But Steffen managed to push me to 4 minutes, and when I eventually came up, I felt relaxed and happy, though a bit shaky.

The day after I had pool training with Danish record holder in DNF and STA Anna-Marie Christiansen as our coach. She wanted us to begin with a long DYN dive, which I hadn’t done for a long time. I jumped in the water, made my breathe-up and began my dive, focusing on relaxation. I was thinking that I just wanted to dive somewhere near the 75 meter mark. I made my turn after 50 meters. An almost perfect, smooth turn with monofin, which I’ve been struggling with for some time, banging my monofin into the wall. But this one was close to perfect! I reached the 75 meter mark, and still felt relaxed and comfortable, and I thought, I just wanted to reach 100 meters. But then I thought: “If I reach the 100 meters, I have to make a turn.”. So I did and decided to come up. I did a perfect surface protocol and made a new PB at 102 meters. I actually believe, that if I had decided, during my dive, to go further, I could have done that. But I am very happy with a lovely dive and new PB.

A few days after I did static training with Steffen, and I managed to reach 4:12…yet another PB!

So, to sum up; my training has been really good, and I have reached new goals. But most important is, my motivation is back, and I feel that what I do is good for me.

I’m looking forward to the Danish Championships in 2 days, where I hope to reach my own personal goals, and to remain relaxed and comfortable in my dives.

In KFK we have had some good training sessions with great coaches. One night we had one of Denmark’s experts in freediving and spearfishing, Morten Rosenvold Villadsen, as coach. We worked on CO2 levels and we did a simulation of a deep dive, by doing static apnea, but beginning with a “decent” for 30 sec., then “freefall” for 30 sec., a turn and “ascending” for 30 sec. and then relaxing for 30 sec. as we have “positive buoyancy. So, begin with kicking, then relaxing, kicking, and relaxing.



Pictures by Morten Rosenvold Villadsen

For me this exercise has been really good, because mentally I believe, that I in theory can do a 2 minutes dynamic or dnf dive, if I focus on relaxation, and this will make me dive further than what I usually do. But again, this is in theory. It all comes down to my mentally mindset on the given day. But it’s definitely an exercise, that for me, is an eyeopener in some way.

To end this blog post I’ll give you a short but funny story from my Instagram account (Strik_h)

“Maybe it’s not that visible, but when I tell you, you’ll see it.

Today I went training with my dearest freediver friend Julie Sørensen. We did some statics in the pool surrounded by playing babies and parents. Then we went to the deep pool and Julie tried my @molchanovsfreediving monofin, which she loved. I made my first dive with a neckweight and no mask. The pool had white walls and bottom, and with my blurry vision, I made my descent (much faster than I realized), hitting my nose hard and suddenly to the bottom.

I quickly came to the surface not knowing whether to cry or laugh! Julie looked choked and didn’t know what happened. When I told her, with tears in my eyes and trying to smile, she started laughing hysterically, but still feeling sorry for me. We both laughed hysterically even though it hurt like hell!!

Do I need to say I put my mask on!! Now my nose is slightly swollen and has a blue-ish colour.

Thanks, Julie for the training and laughing at my unintended entertainment!”

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