I know you haven’t heard from me for a couple of months. Well, at least not on this blog, but some of you might have seen a few posts on my facebook site.

So, since my last post about freediving with Freedive Dahab, lots of things have happened. My freedive training doesn’t really go that well. When I came back to Denmark from Dahab, I found it really hard to do my daily rutine with meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and breath holding, which really began to annoy me. I didn’t have the decipline to train, not even holding my breath on the couch and I got less and less in the water.

I’m not sure exactly why I got sloppy with my training but I have a few guesses;

1. When I first began freediving and really got into it, I developed very quickly and a lot. With my own training I quickly increased my breath hold from 2.30 to 4.30 and reached 100m in DYN in only a few training sessions and I had an inner peace from all my meditation, which really helped me to relax before a dive. When that curve of development began to smooth out and I didn’t develope as much as I wanted, I lost a bit of motivation, and with that, my rutines.

2. I have no idea why, but my contractions began to come really early in my static dives. Maybe because my mind wasn’t realaxed and controlled

3. After my summer holiday everything happened so fast and a lot happened. I didn’t have my own flat back until September, which killed some of my rutines. I closed down the vintage shop, that I had with Christina. I got more hours at work after closing the shop. I got a boyfriend who I wanted (still want) to spend more time with, though it’s not his fault at all!

Though I havn’t been training a lot, I still have come to a few training sessions in Copenhagen Freediving Club.

One session we had a visit from a monk, Ter Kadamba Das, or his Danish name Klaus. He is studying the filosophy of Hare Krishna and wanted to tell us about the benefit of chanting and meditation.

We all have a soul/heart/consciousness, and an intellectually mind. They kind of compete with each other, as your soul and heart tells you what you like, and what you want to do. Your intellectually mind on the other hand might tell, that “you can’t do this” and that, “you won’t make it”, “you’re stupid to be doing this” and so on. With meditation you can separate your consciousness from your mind and focus on what you love. From nature’s side we are all born happy and filled with love, but we grow up with lots of impressions, that might take us in directions, we don’t wanna go. So, with meditation we, freedivers, can use this to focus on relaxation, “mind control” and getting our heartbeat down.

I really need to get back into meditation, as I know this will benefit me especially in freediving, but also in my everyday life, as I wil be more relaxed, feel that inner peace and have more energy to focus on what I love.


For another training session we concentrated about relaxing and breathing before a static dive, but also about coaching. I hooked up with Steffen Stensgaard Kruse. He’s also a relatively new freediver, but has been freediving longer than me.

We seem as a good team and he coached me in my static dive. What I have experienceind my last many static dives, is that I really hate it. I don’t know why, but I just can’t relax. It should be easier to hold your breath in the water, as the mammalian dive reflex kicks in, but I find it really hard. I would rather do my statics on the couch, as I find it much more relaxing.

I only did around 2m30s this night and I was really struggling. After our static dive with went to the 50 meter pool to do some longer dives. I just wanted to do an easy 75 meter DYN, and I did. But my contractions have begun to some really early – even after 25 meters, and it really annoys me. Anyway, I still make an ”easy” 75 meters, but I need to be more relaxed and oush myself further.

On November 6th we had a mini competion in the club. I had signed up for it and announced 75 meters. Even weeks before the competition I felt, that I should be able to the 75 meters, but I also felt that it would might be difficult, as I have been struggling with relaxation and contractions.

The night of the competion came and for the whole day I was nervous. My heart was beating fast and I couldn’t relax. I have never been good with exams or having people focusing on me, at the same time trying to be relaxed, and this day wasn’t any different.

I came to the swimming pool in time and tried to focus on my long exhales to relax.

I was coaching Steffen on his dive and he on my. He was first and he did a beautifully 91 meters DNF. Then it was my turn. My heart was beathing fast, maybe 110-120, and I couldn’t make it slower. I lay on the floor to relax for 10-15 minuets, but it didn’t help and when Steffen came to tell me it was time, my heart rate rose probably the 5-10 heartbeats per minute, that I might had managed to get it down. I got to the water and had my 2 minutes of breathe up. Then it came; 5…4…3…2…1…official top…1…2…3…4…and then I dived. My heart was racing and I think I did as well. I really tried to keep relaxed and swim slowly, but that didn’t work very well. After 3 turns in the 25 meter pool, I couldn’t relax any more and my contractions came 2 seconds in between. I sufaced, Steffen told me to breathe, but I don’t think I actually thought about what he was saying. I did my suface protocol within 8 seconds. White card, 85 meters and my first official dive on the AIDA list. The dive was over and I came out of the water. The judge told me it was a good dive but I was fast, and also that I seemed to have more to give off. Next time I’ll push myself some more.


Though I couldn’t relax properly this mini competition was a very good experience. Now I know what to work with in the future and what my challenges are in competions.

So, even though my freediving haven’t been up to my own (high) expections, I really want to continue and become better and dive longer and more pleasantly.

I can reveal that I have made myself a goal in the new year. I have contacted one of Denmarks best freedivers for some coaching (I’ll tell you who it is, when the coaching and training begins), and I have signed up for the Danish championships in pool freediving on March 5th to 6th . There, I said it out loud, I can’t turn around now! I don’t have any expectations on winning any medals, as our Danish freedivers are awesome, but I would like to push myself to the limit and surprise myself.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everyone. See you next year in the pool or in the deep blue, until then keep holding your breath!

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