Day 15

I wake up this morning, and the air in my bedroom seem much warmer than usual. When I open my door to the world outside, it’s like opening the oven. It’s freaking hot today, and it’s only 7.30 am. Just eating my breakfast at the German Bakery makes me sweat.

At the dive center everyone is sweating and complaining about how hot it is. It’s gonna be horrible to put on the suit later at Blue Hole. Usually I like to sit on the back of the car, and have the wind blowing in my face, and the sun on my skin. But not today, please spare me a seat inside the car. This is just too hot for me.

Before getting in the water Rowan, Enrique and I decide to climb a small mountain, to take selfies with Blue Hole n the background. What a day to do this. It’s so freaking hot. But nonetheless the view is amazing and worth the sweating.


Today I’m diving with Hussein. Rowan and Enrique are at the bouy next to us. I’ll concentrate on relaxation and mouthfill, Hussein will do CNF and refining his technique.

I begin with FIM warm ups. As usual, my first dive is a bit tensed. I really don’t like the first one or two dives. I’m not proberly relaxed, my mind is too busy, and the first dive is always around 10-13 meters, which is probably okay. Then I quickly get comfortable, and my second dive is around 18. After my third FIM dive to 24 meters, Hussein tells me to do CWT. No more FIM young lady (Still not Hussein’s words, but mine)!

After a safety dive for Hussein, I get ready for CWT. I take my final breath and descend. I feel comfortableGOPR0923_1, kind of relaxed. I try to focus on relaxing my legs and my upper body. Well, my stomack and chest is still tensed, but my mouthfill is sort of working, and I make my turn at 31.8 meters. That was a good dive. My next dive is a new PB at 32.2 meters. I really feel amazing in the water today. I’m getting more and more relaxed, and I feel that it’s going really well right now. I feel on top of the world, kind of, just in the water. On the bouy next to us Enrique just did an incredible PB in FIM to 50 meters. Congratulations Enrique!

I feel so good, that now I just wanna reach 35 meters. Hussein tells me to do the breathe up and relax, while Rowan is doing his requirements for level 3 with Hussein. 20 meters with arms only, no mask and RRR (rescue).

IMG_5044After some time and lots of relaxation, it’s my turn and Hussein is doing my safety. While in the surface, I feel so relaxed in my entire body. Like a ragdoll in the water. I feel comfortable and make my final breath and begin my descend.

I here my alarm at 15 meters, begin my freefall and do a mouthfill. Though I’m still a bit tensed when doing the mouthfill, the freefall is amazing. Am I falling, am I flying? I’m definitely moving and I’m really trying to enyoj it. I hear my alarm at 30 meters. The end of the rope must be very close now. BAM! I touched the tennisball (there is actually a tennisball at the end of the rope). I turn around and begin ascending. I meet Hussein on the way and give him a smile. I’m happy. New PB with 35.7 meters!

I actually felt like I could have taken just a few more meters, but it’s also a nice feeling to dive to the end of the rope, turn around feeling that it was a good dive, and you could have gone further. Maybe next time.

I haven’t done all my requirements for level 3 yet, so we decide to do them now. Or that is, we begin with ascending from 20 meters without using my fins, as I’m a bit exhausted after a few dives deeper than 30 meters.

I reach 20 meters very fast, turn around and begin with my armstrokes. I feel very heavy, and it doesn’t feel like my keystrokes are very efficient. I focus on streamlining my strokes, and I think it gets a bit better…or it’s just getting easier, because it gets shallower. As I get to the surface, I am completeky exhausted. That’s it! I’m done for today! And luckily Hussein agrees with me.

We eat lunch at Blue Hole, but it’s so damn hot today, that I have no idea if my hair and bikini is still dripping, or if I’m just sweating a lot. I think it’s the second option!

When we some back to Dahab I go straight to my flat, turn on the aircon and stays here for a few hours.

In the afternoon I meet Enrique and Filippo at Eel Garden where we go for a snorkle. It’s my first time at Eel Garden and when we first get in, the visibilty doesn’t seem that good. Then we come out from the reef and there’s a beautiful sandy bottom. Apparently we lost Filippo along the way, but Enrique and I swim a bit further, make some dives, take some photos and after maybe an hour we swim back in and meet Filippo on the seashore. He lost us and we lost him.

GOPR0992GOPR0994Another evening is spend barberquing at Rowans house, and playing cards with him and Caleb. They are heaps of fun to hang out with!

Day 16

Today I wake up with ears that doesn’t hurt, but I feel something. I really wanna dive, but at the same time a restday for my ears, is probably a good thing.

Downstairs at the divecenter, Hussein tells me to take the day off, rest my ears, and stay out of the water! I am not happy with this and Hussein laughs at me, but I know he’s right. It just feels like, I will miss out on something.

Anyway I decide to go to the beach and relax for a few hours. After a beetroot/carrot salad lunch I head back to the lovely aircon in my flat. It’s my new friend, and the only one who can keep me inside here in Dahab!

When I open my computerer, I read the sad news about freediver Natalia Molchanova, who has gone missing in the sea during a freedive. It’s terrible news, and makes me think how vulnerable we are in the ocean. No one knows what has happened, which is the worst of all. I try not to think too much about this, as I can feel it affects me.

In the evening I meet up with Rowan and Caleb and make them pancakes. Enrique shos up a bit later and we all have a nice game of asshole. Or actually, the guys have, as they have joined forces against me. I have know idea of, what I have done to them, except for making too few pancakes. Bastards!

Day 17

Today we are going to Blue Hole again. I am going to dive with Filippo and with Ben and Emmelie next to us.

I begin with a few FIM warm up dives. They actually go okay, they are as they use to be, but I have this weird feeling of not really liking it, I’m not relaxed, and I think too much. Filippo asks me how it was, and I tell him how I’m feeling. He asks what I’m thinking about, and come to me, that I’m thinking about the situation with Natalia Wolchanova. I didn’t think that her disappearance, would affect me that much, but now I feel, that it has.

Filippo wants to make a deep dive with Ben as his safety diver. When he is half way to his depth, he turns around. It didn’t feel right for him.

For the rest of the dive session we all dive together from one bouy, as Filippo is taking pictures. I try to relax and don’t stress, and I actually manage to do 3 dives to 32-33 meters. Even though I don’t feel quite as relaxed, as I should, and I think to much, I really feel that diving to 30+ meters is getting easier and easier.

        IMG_5067 IMG_5068

Above photos by Filippo Giarola

On our way back to Dahab I suddently realize that I had a dream last night. I dreamt about some of my family members, my cousin, my sister, maybe a few others and some friends. They were all swimming and freediving and all of the sudden they all disappeared. I remember I woke up this morning with a weird feeling inside of me. I felt that I had been crying in my dream.

So, as a conclusion for my dive session today, I can tell, that if I am not relaxed in my mind and think too much, maybe even unconsiously, I will not be able to enjoy my dives.

Maybe I even projected my feelings and thoughts to Filippo, so that he had a bad dive as well…

Tonight is Rowan’s last night and we decide to bbq on the beach, but as Caleb and I reach his flat, we can’t really be bothered to move from the mattresses on the floor. We bbq at his place and play some Uno after Enrique has shown up. Rowan wins 4 times in a row. First time and last time. Have fun in Dubai Rowan, and see you again some day!

Day 18

We are 6 people going to Blue Hole today. Linda, Filippo, Jonas, Waleed and his trainee Maha, and I.

I’m diving with Linda and we are the first in the water. I begin with a few FIM. As usual my first dive is not so long or deep. On my 3rd FIM dive Linda asks me what I’m looking at, when I look at my watch during the dive. I tell her I was looking at the time, when she says: “NEVER look at the time!”. The dive should be about the feeling and not the time.

I switch to CWT, and the first dive ends at 33 meters. The dive was okay, but Linda asks me how it felt. I felt okay, but I think I turned around, because I was thinking about the depth. She tells me, that I need to think about something else than the depth. I should find something to thinIMG_5066k about instead of the result. By the end of the day it’s the result we are diving for, but while diving it should be the feeling. I see her point, and while getting ready for my next dive, I try to think about nothing else than relaxing. I do my final breath and begin my descend. At 15 meters I begin my freefall and I do the mouthfill. I hear my alarm at 30 meters, and it still feels good. Relax in my body, stomack, legs, chest, and then I begin to struggele with the equalization, and I turn around. I begin kicking, and I feel so exhausted. Linda

meets me about halfway up and on the surface I give her an okay sign. I just godt a new PB. Even though I only managed to dive 0.5 meter deeper, than my “old” PB, I have a new one. 36.2 meters!

I tell Linda that I’m tired in my legs and begin to feel a bit exhausted. She tells me, that I can always pull myself up. I don’t have to swim all the way to the surface. As long as I know that I can swim all the way, I can pull myself up sometimes. Also she tells me, that I don’t need more PB’s today. I have already done one, which is progress.

So, on my next dive I’ll try to pull myself up, just to see how it is after a CWT dive. This dive is shallower, though. I’m just too tired. I turn around at 26.6 meters and pull myself up. It’s a nice and relaxing feeling in my legs, and I don’t feel too exhausted, when I get to the surface.

It has been a really nice and relaxing dive session. Diving with Linda really makes me feel calm and comfortable in my dives. When she is diving, it all seems so controled and simpel, which makes me relaxed, and when she surface, there is a certain peace around her. That’s what I would like to aim for, and have that peacefullness after a dive. Right now I’m just exhausted, and hanging on the bouy like a wet mouse.


2 thoughts on “Master program and level 3 with Freedive Dahab – part four

  1. That was a lovely painting to your freediving passionate work, it is full of inspiration and motivation :).

    Hussein told me the same , he usually sees me tense and concerned to reach some depth, when he told me its all about feeling relaxed and comfortable and then numbers will just follows. Filipino as well told me the same which is to choose a certain depth where I am confident of and just stay there for a while to feel it and get comfortable with.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and enjoy your dives 😉

    1. Hi Ibrahim,
      Thank you for reading my blog 🙂
      Freediving is definitly about the feeling. I have learned that I should not focus on the depth and just relax. But it comes with time, for me anyway.
      I have also learned, that the more dives I do to a certain depth, the easier it becomes to go deeper.
      I hope you will enjoy freediving just as much as I do 🙂

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