Day 10

We are having two dive sessions at Blue Hole today. I’m going to work on FRC and mouthfill. I know, I will be shattered by the end of the day. FRC really makes you exhausted, as it’s like deepdiving, though in shallower depth.

Me and Alex share a bouy with Linda, and Rowan and Bendik is next to us. In the water I’m really struggleing with the mouthfill. It just doesn’t work for me. I feel a lot of tensions in my entire body, when I try to do the mouthfill. Hussein asks me eveytime I come back up, why I turn around. I just can’t equalize. It’s really difficult for me, and it feels like I’m using a lot of energy, to keep my eustachian tubes open.

Though I’m struggling, it’s very interesting to be diving with Linda, co-owner of Freedive Dahab. She is practicing CNF (constant weight no fins). She seems so graceful and relaxed in the water. Everything looks so easy with her, and her technique seems so effortless. Though she’s not only a freediver, but also a business woman, she’s friendly, funny and very generous with constructive criticism of my diving. I’m happy to be diving with her.

First session is done, ending with Bendik doing a PB in CWT with monofin. 40 something meters. Well done! I’m just tired after a lot of FRC and mouthfill practice, so I take a small nap inbetween the two sessions. I am completely wasted.

Session two begins after maybe 1.5 hour. I’m so exhausted, but have to get back into the water. Session two goes better for me, and my mouthfill slowly becomes better. I don’t do many dives, as I’m just too tired. By the end of the session Bendik is ready for one more deep dive. He wants to reach 50 meters, as him and Alex are leaving Dahab today. He does his breathe up and Hussein will be his safety. Off he goes into the deep blue, and we are waiting with excitement in the surface. After 2m6s we see his shadow appears from the depth. Hussein is meeting him and ascends with him. Bendik seems very calm and relaxed. 50 meters!! WELL DONE, Ben!

Though it isn’t a day with PBs for me, it’s a great ending of the dive session.

In the evening Rowan and I meet Alex and Bendik at Sharks Restaurant for the last dinner with the Norwegians.

  GOPR0778_1 GOPR0786_1

Day 11

So, I desided to take a day off from freediving. Actually, I should probably have had one days ago, but I just want to dive. Now I have been diving for 10 days in a row, so it must be about time, and all the FRC training, has exhausted me.

IMG_5021_1Even though it’s my day off, I still wake up at around 6am. Every single morning I wake up between 5.30 and 6.30am. Well, out of the bed, do some stretching, and out to get some breakfast.

Every morning I go to the German Bakery and get a Vitamin Breakfast. It consists of a bit of yougurt, musli, cream cheese, a bit of bread and some fresh fruit. At the German Bakery one of the guys are trying to learn me Egypsian. So far I can say “Thank you”, “Good morning” and something after that, that I’m not quite sure, what means…but I say it!

I walk back to Freedive Dahab to tell them I’m taking a day off. Apparently everyone is taking a day off. No one is going diving. Well, then I don’t feel, that I’ll miss out of something.

I make my way through the dusty streets, with goats eating garbage, homeless dogs and cats runnging around, and men asking if I need a taxi. No thanks, I can walk the 250 meters to Time Cafe, where I will spend my first few hours of the day. I find a sun bed. I really want some colour on my body, so it’s not only my hands and face, that are tanned and covered in freckles.

I stay here for a few hours, while reading my level 3 book. The sweat is pouring of my. It’s like someone keeps spraying water on me, and the drops of sweat is running of me. I am so hot…and pretty warm too…!GOPR0800_1

I go for a few swims and a snorkle, to cool me down. I just love the krystal clear water, but there is something in the water today. It’s stinging me everywhere. First I think it is the salty water aginst my skin, and maybe some scrathes, then I think, it must be a jellyfish. But a dive instructors tells me later it must be some sort of plankton, and that he has never experienced so much before. Anyway, it doesn’t kill me, but the sun will, if I don’t cool myself down.

It’s time for lunch and I drag myself out of the sun and into the shadow at Time Cafe. I want to get tanned, but little by little. I don’t want a sunburn and not be able to wear my wetsuit! That would be a disaster…or I would be very sad not to be able to dive, because of that.

After lunch I head home to my flat. I need a shower and some aircon!

At 5pm I meet Nico, Bee and Rowan for a game of Risk. Enrique shows up later.

I have never been in the smaller, narrow streets of Dahab, but Nico and Bee lives, not far from me, but in the smaller streets. If it wasn’t for all the garbage, that is all over the streets, it would actually be quite nice everywhere. I like the simple buildings and the goats that are everywhere, the kids on the streets (but I probably wouldn’t live in some houses). Nico’s house is nice, though.

We begin a game of Risk until Enrique shows up. I am actually doing quite well in this first game, but we don’t finish the game, as when Enriquie shows up, we start over. Bee and Nico cooks us a lovely spicy dinner, while the game is on. My mission is to destoy all red armies, that is Enrique. It doesn’t really go as planned or hoped for, and I end up getting destroied by Nico and he wins is all. I’m not a bad looser, but now I’m really tired and just want to go home and sleep. Thank you Nico and Bee for the lovely evening and tasty dinner!

Day 12

We are 4 people going to Blu Hole today. Enrique, Hussein, Rowan and I. James and Linda are going to the pool to do some no fins training, so we drop them of, and continue to Blue Hole. Rowan and I share one bouy. We begin, as usual, with FIM warm up dives. To begin with I didn’t liked FIM, because of the hang (you hang a bit on the rope, when you have reached your depth, before ascending), it goes slowly, and I sometimes think to much about the dive. Now I’m actually liking it. I really feel my dives getting better of FIM warm ups, and I begin to dive deeper in FIM and relax a lot more. My first warm up dive ends at 10 meters, but then it slowly increases to 14 and 18 meters. I don’t hang for a long time though.

I then begin my CWT dives. I really wanna reach 30, but I have no expectations to do so. I do my breathe up, make my duck dive and begin descenting. It feels good, and I hear my alarm at 15 meters and 25 meters. Cool, I’m getting closer. Then I begin struggling a bit with my ears. I turn around and ascend. New PB, 28.7 meters. Just one more meter than a 3 days ago. Next I do safty for Rowan and then it’s me again. The next 3 dives I make is between 26 and 28 meters. Then I get ready for another dive. I’m IMG_5004beginning to become a bit tired, but I feel relaxed and comfortable. My dive goes well. My equalizing is working, I use the mouthfill. Well, I think I switch between frenzel and mouth-fill. It’s working that’s what’s important. When I come back to the surface, I have a new PB. I just entered the golden 30s. 30.8 meters! Wohooow! I’m happy, and the guys are happy for my. I do just one more dive till around 25 meters, and then I’m tired. I don’t need to do more dives today, and Rowan is fine with the outcome of his dives today. We pull up the rope and swim back to land with the bouy.

Back in Dahab we go for some delisiously cheap kushari up the road.

Day 13

Again, we are going to Blue Hole. Enrique, Jonas, James, Linda and I. I share a bouy with James and Linda, and Enrique and Jonas are next to us.

11811397_827650430666961_5383395914113350657_nJames is refining his CNF and Linda is also doing some CNF dives to around 40 meters. I begin with a few warm up dives with FIM. I’m trying to relax and I slowly increase the depth for every dive. My 4th dive is CWT. This dive doesn’t go too well. I reach 23.8 meters, and turn around. I can’t equalize and my right ear hurts a bit. Linda asks how my dive was, and I tell her. She suggests me to only do FIM, as I’m a bit more relaxed when doing them. After the first FIM, she tells me to relax more in my legs. Though they are bended and seems relaxed, they shouldn’t be that bended. On my next dive I really try to focus on the relaxation, especially in my legs. And it’s better. After a few more FIM I reach 23.7 meters. That’s a new PB for me in FIM. Though I got a bit deeper, it wasn’t a good dive, as my right ear began to hurt and I couldn’t equalize. This is the last dive for me today. I’m getting tired, and my ears as well. But I’m happy with the critisism I get, as I feel I’m improving for every dive.

The afternoon I spend on a sunbed at Lighthouse. Again, I’m sweating like a pig on a stick, but how fortunate to have the lovely clear blue water next to me to cool me down. A dog has gotten the same idea, enters the water, and find a shallow spot and sits down. I take a few pictures of it, which he notices, and now I have a new friend, as he comes to say hi to me after being in the water. He invites himself to have a nap on my sunbed. I guess I would act differently if it was a human being and not a dog…

A girl, selling homemade bracelets, also notice my, apparently, open minded person, and begins talking with me. She sees my camera, and I let her have a look and take a few pictures.


Day 14

My morning begins with an omelet at the German Bakery. Today we are training at Lighthouse. It’s Hussein, Ben, Enrique, Caleb and I.

I share a bouy with Enrique and Caleb. We all begin with somw FIM warm up dives. Today I will only do FIM and focus on relaxation in my entire body, and work on the mouthfill. My first couple of dives goes weel and already on my 3rd dive I reach 26.6 meters. 3 meters more than yesterday and a new PB. 3 dives later I reach 28 meters! I’m on a roll here. My last dive for this session I end at 30.2 meters. Todays final PB in FIM. I’m happy. For the rest of the session I do saftey dives and photos and videos.

GOPR0946_1GOPR0925_1 GOPR0942_1

It really was a good session and I have fun and feel relaxed with the guys. My mouthfill works, it gave me a couple of more meters in depth, and I’m much more relaxed in my legs, but I still need to focus more on relaxation, as I feel my stomack and chest are still very tensed.

The afternoon I spend in the sun. I’m still working on my tanning, but the freedivers tan is stuck with me!

For dinner we are barberquing at Rowan’s. We go shopping for some meat and we get 2 kilos of meat for only 110 egp. Around 12 euros. Really cheap. A lovely evening with the guys and some card games.

To end this post I have made a small tribute to the guys at Freedive Dahab. Thanks for making it some fun and lovely dives!

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