Gear Girl

It has brought to my attention, that I might be bit of a gear girl, as more than one person has insinuated it. Well, I do like some nice gear!

The first thing I did after returning from Dahab was buying freediving fins. I bought some plastic finns from Omer. I actually wanted Leaderfins’ carbon fins, but the footpocket didn’t fit me well, so I got the Omer, and at some point I’ll buy carbon fin blades for them. I also got a noseclip and different things to make myself a neckweight, which I learned how to make from youtube videos. Note to self: Keep one end proper closed!



And yes, red lipstick is needed when trying on gear!

Next I got myself a new freediving mask. I already had the black Hunter from IST, but I had tried Aqualung’s Sphera freediving mask, which I really liked. I found it cheap on amazon and there I also got a pulse/oximeter fingerclip. This is really funny and neardy. With the fingerclip you can test how well your mammalian dive reflex works, by holding IMG_4418your breath, putting your face in a tub with cold water and have someone else to check your pulse. I tried it one day at work. I had just made some DNF (dynamic no fins) in the pool, when my colleague wants to see how it works. I put the clip on my finger, take a deep breath and lower my face in the water and relax. To begin with nothing happens. My pulse is at 85 bpm, then rises to 104 when I shake my head a bit, then back to 85 and then my colleague burst out a “WOOUW!”. My heart rate begins to drop and stops at 36 bpm! I believe that is a pretty good dive reflex.

Also I have gotten a new rubber weight belt from salvimar and 4 kilos of black weights. And as I am doing the master program with Freedive Dahab, I also bought a Mako lanyard.

The icing on the cake must be my new Suunto D4i Novo and my Yamamoto 45, Superskin, Freedown High performance bright blue freediving suit. It sounds fancy, right?! …and yes I am going for the black/blue look! But the suit is amazing. It feels like butter on your body…if anyone likes that – not that I have tried it! Anyway, it’s super soft and so easy to get in and out off. Next on my wish list is my own speargun and spearfishing suit…and a couple of other things!

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